Lust Unleashed 3: Breanna’s Bounty

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Title: Lust Unleashed 3: Breanna’s Bounty
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After her ravishing session with Kayla in Lust Unleashed 2, Breanna is left wanting more. Hungry for cock, she pulls guy after guy only to end up disappointed that they’re not as hung as her futa lover. Meanwhile, Kayla refuses to answer Breanna’s calls for a re-do. But then Bree gets a call from Yelena, and is told that she might have a lead on another dickgirl she’s been chasing.

Only a short ways south from Bree’s home in South Carolina, a Russian beauty named Tatiana is enjoying her vacation on the Bahamas. It will be up to Breanna to get their mark to expose herself, and Bree decides to go about it with the best tool she’s got for the job: a steamy retelling of her previous dickgirl encounter.

100 high-quality image in JPG format

Includes 10 bonus pinups

IncludesLust Unleashed 3: Breanna’s Bounty


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