They were the first Blogs and

 and later Doujinblog was online, wayback Machine the year 2010

In fact Before many others, we were the first to leave the Forum format and change to Blog format, and there is no doubt about that. But today we are in trouble, and I am afraid when we disappear you will no longer have a complete and free site to get things. Simply because the other 3 Admins who put things want you to pay (big money by the way), they have always been elitist.

That is why I leave you some ways to keep the blog alive since the attacks and false claims of this selfish people want this site to die.

Please Donate in Monero

Please donate in Bitcoins


3 thoughts on “Support

  1. Loco que paso con el sr Mverte? entre al tg para ver que onda y no estan los dinosaurios como Iwakura, Pinfo, Arlex…

    1. Pasaron años estamos en un grupo de telegram se llama, Cuackland


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