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Title: WFuta
File size: 95MB

When WFUTA decided to run a special report on the WFUTA special report on the “Futanari Phenomena”, no one had any idea just how close to home this subject would hit!

As Tori watches Renee strut about the set talking to Doctor Carlson on the subject her sexual urges take over and while Renee shocked at first when Tori revels her 16 inch cock she loses herself in the moment too. The station opts to keep rolling due to a rating spike when intern camra girl Jen askes to cut to commercial and call security and it is not long before Jen wants to experience Futanari dick for herself. An all-out threesome on live TV with ensues all the while the remote feed of Doctor Carlson’s self love can be seen on the station cameras.

All sorts of sex potions, cum shots with 4 very hot girls involved!

Comic featuring 85 high-quality images in JPG format

Includes 16 bonus images featuring Dr. Carlson


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