Numerous Ideas Tested on Imouto. Vol.1

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Title: Numerous Ideas Tested on Imouto. Vol.1
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* Mai always has petite breasts and subtle belly growth; she keeps her loli physique even in pregnant scenes.
Orange Rice presents the latest collection of looping movies.
The theme is HB (harabote), which means “plump belly/pregnancy”.
Enjoy 5 poses with changeable viewpoints, and pregnancy variations for all scenarios, penetrations and ejaculations.
28 clips + 1, totaling 10 minutes of content.
Numerous Ideas Tested on Imouto. Vol.1 includes all the staple features of Orange Rice animation so far
+ a newly added touching game, and cross-section views during H scenes.
After you see all the movies, quadruple up with the 4x screen playback feature called “Memory mode”!

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