[Kiai Neko] Kowaremono

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[Kiai Neko] Kowaremono
[きあい猫] 壊者 -こわれもの-

2008-06-30, 165 Pages, 65MB, 985×1400

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    Eric you5 months ago

    i have a hentai anime that features a mysterious man named Mr president who accidentally ran over a girl named Lucy he decides on taking the body to his own special surgical clinic he owns where Lucy’s body is transformed by giving her 3 strange big breasts and a bumpy penis like thing. she later decides to become Mr president’s personal sex slave for the rest of her life many months later Mr president’s company becomes bankrupt and he has gone missing. so later Lucy returns home to her mom and dad. she later gets more used to her new body and offers sex to all the boys in her town.


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