Idols Disclaimer

What is this?
The images in this archive are CD/DVD/BD covers for various Japanese Gravure & Junior Idol Image Videos.
All Junior Idols had their parents consent and most of them had stage names in order to protect their identity.

This collection DOES NOT contain any underage nudity or other indecent activities.

The cover database was made strictly for archiving purposes, in order to preserve a piece of Japanese culture and history.

What is an Image Video?
An Image Video or IV for short is a video with one or more Idols (models) showing off an outfit like
swimsuit, bikini, school girl uniform, leotard or other cosplay/costume outfit.

Sometimes they are also performing various tasks like playing games, cooking, playing instruments,
eating ice cream or showing off another special skill. Other times simply just gazing into the camera.

Usually there is soft and relaxing music playing in the background.

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